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Code 219-78
Antique Carved Giltwood and Polychrome Wooden Plaque from Italy, 18th Century

From the 1700’s, this hand carved giltwood and polychrome wooden plaque on stand is from Northern Italy. The subject is an Italian coat of arms surrounded by an acanthus leaf cartouche.  There are graceful C-and S-Scrolls in the cartouche that complement the geometry of the shield.  The shield rests upon a painted black stand (not original, added later), but has an eyelet on the back for easy wall hanging. Overall, the plaque has warm coloration and reflects the light in beautiful manner.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with some minor losses commensurate with age. Stand was added later for display on a table

Dimensions (as seen on stand): H=23 3/4, W=16, D=7 1/2
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