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Code 318-65B
18th Century Forged Iron Fleur De Lys Ancre Wall Support from France

An ANCRE is the French architectural word used to describe these very old forged iron wall supports. They were driven into large walls to ensure structural support against the ravages of time and weather. It would effectively pull against an opposite or perpendicular wall. They size and shape can vary from simply horizontal rods, to very ornate and artistic. This thick, forged iron, Fleur de Lis ancre is from the 1700’s. Three individual pieces of shaped iron are held together at the center by a thick band with pyramid shaped front. The back side would have been inserted into the wall.

This wonderful Fleur de Lis iron wall support can be re-inserted into new wall construction or simply used as a decorative iron hanging. We do not often come across decorative ancres, much less one in the shape of a large Fleur De Lis.

CONDITION: Good condition with rusting to iron, remnants of old paint, and bottom left scroll slightly higher than right scroll.

H=31, W=20 5/8, D=4 1/2
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