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Code 417-3
A Set of Three Perspective Panels from the Second French Renaissance, Walnut Wood, Circa 1580

These beautifully hand carved, walnut wood panels are from the Second French Renaissance period. They are truly a wonderful study in perspective.  It was in the 15th century that that there was a re-kindled appreciation for buildings of antiquity, and perpective can be seen throughout artwork as well as furniture. Each panel is a finely detailed rendition of an extended arched entrance over fluted sides with stone or brick flooring. They are all the same scene with the exception of the hand carving varying the details slightly. They are truly works of art and could be displayed separately, together or as part of cabinet doors. These panels were probably insets for doors of a piece of furniture such as a trunk. Similar panels can be seen along the facade of a 16th century trunk on display in the Chateau of Ecouen.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with losses to wood, old wood worm damage, age separations, commensurate with age.

H=22, W=12 to 12 1/4, D=1 1/4
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