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French Balcony Gate

H=40 1/2, W=26 5/8

**Pieces are measured from outermost points of gates.  A skilled

ironsmith can cut to any dimension**

Architectural wrought iron was first used to protect doors and windows of valuable places from attack from raiders. From the medieval period, use of ironwork for decorative purposes became more and more common. It can be seen in such notable old world establishments such as Canterbury Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral and Notre Dame de Paris.


From the 16th century onwards, ironwork became highly ornate, especially in the Baroque and Rococo periods. In France, highly decorative iron balconies, stair railings and gateways were highly fashionable from 1650 onward. Pictured above is one of many decorative iron pieces available at Le Louvre Antiques. Today, their design application is almost limitless. They can be made into consoles, side tables, headboards, pot racks, coffee tables, and much more.



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