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Code 319-11
Circa 1875 Yellow Renaissance Style Gien Platter from France

This bright antique French Gien Faience platter dates to between 1871 and 1875 (based on marking on back). Its border has a ground color in yellow and features four crowned escutcheons in a deep garnet, placed equidistantly around the platter. In between the escutcheons are hand painted demi-figures, swag motifs, and birds.  The interior of the charger has a white ground color and features a much larger crowned escutcheon at the center. Demi-figures are prevalent in most of the motifs. 

Gien, a town in France, began producing high quality faience in 1820. "La Manufacture de Gien" has consistently made high quality faience, and they based many of their designs on the original creations of the 17th century.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition one tiny sliver of a crack on outside border. Minor rubs

Diameter=17 3/8, H=2 (plate only)
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