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Code 219-19
Pair of Antique Carved and Painted Wooden Grand Tour Temple Models, 19th Century

These parcel paint Italian colonnades are almost identical, except for their roof motifs and finials. One has a swirling design with a ball finial and the other has linear half rounds with a pinecone finial. Each has the same eight pillar formations with repeating urn finials. There is the same undercoat color of cream over a pale blue on each which over time has become a parcel paint finish. They both rest upon flattened bun feet.

Models such as these are sometimes found in marble. They first became popular during what's known as the Grand Tour of 17th and 18th century Europe. This was period of cultural exploration of Classical Antiquity and the Renaissance. Architectural models were made as souvenirs for these traveling aristocrats, and the tradition of making these temples and colonnades continued into the 20th century. They will be beautiful standing on their own, but will also be perfect to display flowers or light up the interior with an internal light.

CONDITION: Good condition with rubs to paint, minor chips, losses and surface buildup.

H=27 1/2 and 26 1/2, Diameter=17 3/4 and 17 1/2
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