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Code 319-42
Painted 19th Century Panetiere from Provence, France

This antique French, painted panetiere is from Provence, France.  Multiple motifs of various flowers, musical instruments, C-and S-Scrolls, baskets, ribbons and acanthus leaf detail are on the frieze, the door, and the apron.  Turned spindles are on all three sides, while five finials adorn the top of this wonderful piece.

Originally, panetieres were used for the drying of freshly baked bread.  However, with a locking door and narrowly spaced balusters, they were mostly a decorative way to keep bread safe from the reach of hungry animals, and sometimes children! They were usually hung on a wall, above the petrin, which was where the dough was kneaded. In time, these pieces were used for storing a variety of freshly baked goods or even household items. Eventually, starting in the 1800's, they were mostly used as decorative accessories. They can be found in Brittany, Provence, Dauphine, and the Languedoc, but arguably, Provence wood workers created the most decorative and sought after examples. This piece has been refinished at some point in its history.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with some age separations, minor nicks, chipping to paint, abrasions.

H=45 1/4 (top of center finial), L=39, D=16
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