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Code 417-68
A 17th Century Walnut Wood and Iron Table Trunk France

Coffret, France, 1600s

This stunning walnut wood table trunk is from France and dates to the 1600’s.  It is elegantly bound on all sides with iron strapping that has been partially polished. Motifs are scrolls and fleur-de-lys, which have also been incised with further details. There is an iron handle on top and a circular handle on the right side. The circular handle for the left side is missing.  Two iron latches with knobs for opening and closing the top extend from the top and fit over iron half loops. These loops can have locks placed through them for further security.  The box has its original main lock and key! Its interior has a covered valuables box to the left. Notice the latch on the center back and interior top giving the box even more security.

Still useful as a table trunk or security trunk, this rare 17th Century French table trunk has a wonderful walnut wood patina and is one of the more decorative boxes we have seen.

CONDITION: Very good. Old nicks, age separations and scratches; missing right side circular handle all commensurate with age of 17th Century.

H=10 1/4, L=18, D=10 1/2
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