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Code 916-7
19th Century Grain Tribulum from the Pyrenees

This antique tribulum or grain threshing sledge was once used in the Pyrenees Mountains.  A strong farm animal would pull the sledge across the ground separating the grain from the straw.  Stone chips or flint are imbedded into the board so it could be more aggressive with the separating process. Tribulums go back 3,000 years and were still used in certain areas until the 1960’s.  Today they are used as pieces of art, resting against a wall or hung on a wall.

CONDITION: Fair condition.  Scratches, nicks and chips. Previously infected by woodworm in France. It has since been treated. Some dust may continue to weep from holes.

H=76 3/8, W=18, D=5 1/2
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