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Code 912-58
19th Century French Terra Cotta Statue

This charming French statue depicts Bacchanalian Putti at play with a Ram.  Clusters of grape motifs abound throughout the entire statue, making reference to Bacchus, The God of Grapes. One putti is riding the Ram, who is also covered in grapes and grape leaves, while two putti pull the ram with a rope and two putti push the ram at his rear.  Laughter is the order of the day for the putti while the ram digs his hooves into the ground with a stubborn stare.  Beneath all of them is a beribboned staff on the ground with grapes and an artichoke at the end—just a little symbolism for you to ponder!

Condition:  Restorations throughout statue; Small splits still visible; Minor rubs to relief areas and small chip to a leaf.

H=14 7/8, L=19 1/2, D=10 1/2
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