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Code 519-1
17th Century Tapestry Pillow from France

From France, this beautiful tapestry pillow dates to the 1600’s.  The scene depicts a woman in the foreground, sitting under a tree with stirrups in her hand. On the left side of the pillow, as the scene fades into the background, we see smaller figures, men dressing horses, and buildings and churches among trees.  Gimp with tassels border the tapestry scene and were probably added at a later date, as was the tan velvet brocade back. The size of the figures, buildings, and trees fit the pillow perfectly, and the colors, including greens, red, orange, ochre, yellow, and blue are still vivid. Well preserved, this tapestry pillow will add a touch of elegance to any area it is placed.

CONDITION:  Restorations, minor seam splits in areas, tassels have minor fraying.

H=27, W=22, D=8
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