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Code 916-63
Early to Mid 1900s Swiss Cow Bell with Original Leather Collar

This antique bronze Swiss cowbell has a leather strap for securing the bell around the animal’s neck. It was used to track animals within the herd. The cowbell was not only used on cows, but also various animals within other herds including cows, goats, sheep and reindeer. There were specific sounds, shapes and sizes to the bells for gender, species, and age. This bell is a cowbell designated by its motifs. It has been lavishly decorated with the Flag of Switzerland, flowers, dogs following the cows, and the herder behind. There is a number 25 on the top and the manufacturer’s name on the opposing side of the flag. The thick leather collar is intact. This beautiful bell can now serve as a unique decorative accessory.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition with minor rubs and scratches. Minor motif relief wear due to use.

H=8 1/2, Diameter of Bell=9 1/2, Length as Shown Approximately 17 inches
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