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Code 818-19
19th Century Iron Strongbox from France

From France, this highly detailed and unusual iron and velvet lined strongbox has been stamped with multiple types of fleur de lys, oval motifs, stylized lily motifs and other various geometric shapes. The forged iron hinge straps and latch plates feature numerous raised fleur de lys and raised diamond shaped points. Additionally, at the center front, is a large fleur de lys motif that accepts a latch in the form of a dragon or winged chimera. The trunk is handled by two large twisting snakes with open mouths. The periphery is ornamented with linear motifs of gadrooned lobes, strips of fleur de lys interspersed with palmette motifs, and more. This incredibly unique iron strongbox is highly unusual and full of mythological symbolism. Weight=57 lbs

CONDITION: Good condition with some minor wear to motifs in areas and old surface buildup.

H=10 1/4, L=20 1/2, D=10 3/4
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