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Antique Carved Marble Statue of St. Agnes by Daprato Rigali

This is a beautiful marble statue of St. Agnes, also called St. Agnes of Rome, tenderly holding a lamb, is the symbol of purity. The statue dates to the end of 19th Century or early 1900s and was carved by Daprato Rigali.  St. Agnes wears a headdress with a cross motif on the center front and her long robe has wonderful draping showing only the fronts of her feet on the base. The lamb is looking up at her face.  St. Agnes is one of the most celebrated of Roman martyrs. According to the legend, Agnes revealed her Christianity by stating to any man who wanted to marry her that Jesus Christ was her spouse. Because of her refusal to marry, she was condemned to death. Despite Pope Damasus’ account of her burning to death by fire, later accounts state that the wood refused to burn, so she was put to death by sword.

 On the back of the base is the signature of name of the company who carved this statue, Daprato and Co. Chicago. In 1860, four Daprato brothers decided to leave their Tuscan town of Barga, Italy for Chicago USA. The statue makers soon formed Daprato Statuary Company and were later joined by their cousin, John Rigali. Mr. Rigali became president of the company in 1890. The company still exists today.

This statue will be a focal point in any room of the home or in the garden (marble sealers recommended).

CONDITION:  Good overall antique condition with old restorations to tail of lamb, chip to the back hoof. Old restorations to front drape. Dark rubs to some raised areas on the back.

H=54 1/4, W=19 3/4, D=19 1/2
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Photo Courtesy of Daprato Rigali Co