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Code 918-19A
Antique Giltwood and Painted Book Stand from Spain, 18th Century

From Spain, this antique giltwood and painted book stand dates to the 1700’s.  The center rectangular area in red has two small gilded motifs on the bottom for supporting a book or music sheets.  Flanking each side of the red area are two large stylized eagles. At the very top, is carved and gilded foliation divided by a 3 banded motif. The eagles are clutching ball and claw motifs which act as supports for the entire stand. The back is painted a brick red and is held up by a wooden support (likely added later). The stand could also hold other items, such as a painting, picture, or small mirror.

CONDITON:  Good antique condition with some age separations, wear, and minor losses.

H=15 1/2, W=14, D=11 1/2
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