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Code 518-21
Circa 1600 Carved Solid Oak Statue of St John The Evangelist

This beautifully hand carved oak figure represents St John The Evangelist. Probably from Germany, this saint wears a long, draped robe and is holding a chalice in his left hand. Saint John is often depicted with a chalice. It is a reference the legend of him being challenged by a high priest of the Temple of Diana. The priest said something to the effect of "If you want me to believe in your god, I will give you some poison to drink and, if it does not harm you, it means that your god is the true God." After his blessing, the poison turned to the form of a dragon and escaped the cup. Saint John was then able to drink the potion. From the 13th century onward, Saint John The Evangelist would often be portrayed with some form of a chalice and sometimes, a two-headed dragon.  

As an accessory, this statue will be perfect for any area of the home. It is carved out of a single piece of German Oak.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with old age separations, minor chips and repairs, all commensurate with age of statue.

H=26 1/4, W=8 3/4, D=6 1/2
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