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Code 417-25
A 17th Century Walnut and Iron Table Trunk from France

This fabulous walnut wood table top trunk has hand forged iron hardware and is from the 1600’s. The walnut wood which was used to construct the little trunk is thick and has a wonderful color. On the interior of the lid is a separate wooden panel which holds a pair of decorative wrought iron fixtures! They are attached to the iron strap which are the hinges to the lid. At one time, there must have been an attachment to hold the top of the trunk lid in an upright position. There are two holes at the back interior bottom and outside bottom which may have held that piece. Wonderful to use as a piece of art on any table or for real storage, this 17th Century table trunk will be treasured for more years to come.

CONDITION:  Good condition with minor old nicks, scratches, age separations, old wormwood damage, 2 holes at back, and no key, all commensurate with age being in the 1600’s.

Closed Dimensions H=9, L=15 5/8, D=9 3/8
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