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Code 917-69
Antique Carved Statue from Southwest France, Circa 1750

This beautifully hand carved wooden figure of a woman in a long, draped robe dates to circa 1750. She has a floral wreath around her head with long hair trailing over her back and shoulders. Her right arm and hand are placed over her heart. The carver knew anatomy and proportion well, as shown by the way he gracefully draped her robe. She is standing upon a base that has a cut-out beneath her front right side, as though she may have once been attached to another piece. This amazing statue from the 18th century will grace any surface it is placed upon.
CONDITION: Good overall antique condition with missing elements as seen in photos, and a portion of back side of robe missing.  Traces of old wood worm.

H=18 1/8, W=5 3/4, D=3 1/2
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