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Code 517-14
A Pair of Classical Antique Silverplate Plaques, 19th Century

This is a pair of wood framed silverplate metal plaques that date to the 1800s. Each is covered it its original glass and has a black velvet surround to the plaque. They feature classical scenes based on mythology and were made by Elkington (signed and numbered). Elkington is a well known English silver and silverplate name, which originally started in the 1830's. These plaques are likely from the late 1800s.

On one plaque, the scene depicts a man on a winged horse with a myriad of cherubs surrounding both. He carries a wreath with ribbons trailing from it over his left shoulder. His right arm is raised with a scroll in his hand. The artist has portrayed beautiful movement in this scene. The other plaque depicts a female riding a horse spearing the head of an attacking lion. The lion is biting the rear flank of the horse, while another lion’s head is in the brush to her right. There is phenomenal movement portrayed in this plaque as well. Both plaques have an abundance of finely chased details throughout.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor losses of color to frames. Minor rubs. Paper backing on the back missing

Diameter= 21 3/8, Depth=3 and 2.5 (frames are same depth but one plaque protrudes just a touch farther on the back)
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