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Code 318-76LR
Pair of Antique Silvered Bronze French Candlesticks, 19th Century

This pair of antique silvered bronze candlesticks comes from France and dates to the 19th Century. It has motifs of lobed designs with diagonal patterned grounds at the upper portion of the tripod base.  There are S-Scrolls surrounding the center plates, featuring a pair of angels in stylized clouds and rays. The tops of the S-Scrolls have ornamentation of a lily leaves with flowers and one large leaf beneath it. Shells are at the bottom center of each center plate.  Three paw feet uphold each candlestick. These are wonderfully detailed bronze candlesticks, and their bright silvered finish will highlight any area they're placed in.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with some old tarnish buildup, minor denting to edges.

H=24, W=9, D=8 3/4
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