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Code 417-42
Antique Silvered Bronze on Marble by Steiner, France, 1894

This captivating depiction of maternity has been done in a bright silvered bronze on a round, Bordeaux marble base. In 1894, the Agricultural Department of the Lower Alpes awarded Leon Blanc of Malajai, France, this stunning statue as a prize for his excellence in Sylviculture (the growing of masterful cultivation trees.)  The artist was Steiner (1853-1899), and the foundry was Emile Colin et Cie of Paris. The statue depicts a mother resting upon a small bench while nursing her baby and knitting.  Her soft expression conveys a sense of peace and calm for the time being. She wears a head scarf, an apron and a long flowing dress.  Her knitting supplies are in a basket on the ground to her side. On her feet are what appears to be wooden clogs or Klompen in Dutch. Beautifully sculpted, this artist was a master at his craft.

CONDITION: Very good. There are old areas of tarnish and minor wear to the silver over bronze.

H=15, Diameter of Base=11


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