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Code 319-102
French Terra Cotta Sculpture by Fernand Guignier, Early to Mid 1900s

This terra cotta was signed by its maker, Fernand Guignier (1902-1972) in the early to mid 20th century. The subject is a tender interpretation of two putti trying to offer a bird some water. There is a wooden keg of water between the putti, which they are holding while pouring water for the bird. The bird is resting upon the top of the keg with his wings open and his beak aiming towards the water.  One putto has his arm around the shoulder of the other, comforting him.  It is 17 inches long with a nice pale color, good details, and it is in good condition.

CONDITION:  Only minor abrasions to terra cotta.  Old surface buildup to the piece.

H=11 1/4, L=17, D=9
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