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Code 913-24B
Early 1800's Urn, Savona Italy

Savona, Italy is an area which has a long history in the field of ceramics and majolica production. Savona pottery is famous above all for its characteristic blue and white colors, known as "Antique Savona". 

This Antique Savona urn was probably modeled after an urn with a water feature.  The handles and mascarons all have faux openings for the water to flow from.  It has hand painted scenes on both sides.  One side displays Mythological figures featuring grapes and vines, while the other side features a massive Italian castle on a small hill. The handles are the upper part of sea horses while mascarons adorn the sides beneath the sea horses and above the pedestal of the urn.  Motifs of varying foliation, birds and clouds are interspersed throughout the scenes.  Marked on base M.G.A. 1111
This beautifully hand painted Savona urn from Italy will be a focal point anywhere it is placed.

CONDITION:  Old restoration to base; minor chips on raised areas and rims.

H=20 1/4, Max Width Approx 17 1/4
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