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Code 916-60
Antique French Cachepot, Desvres Late 19th Century

This antique French faience urn has been hand painted with very fine detail in all of its motifs. It is from the Desvres region of France. The rim has a cobalt blue ground with white insets.  Orange, yellow and light olive green flowers and foliage are within the insets and between them. On the body, the ground is white with hand painted c-scrolls, flowers and foliage in the same colors of orange, yellow and light green.  There are central cartouches with the classic baskets filled with flowers and foliage hanging by ribbons from double c-scrolls above.  All this rests upon a flattened pedestal shape with the bottom outlining the shapes of flowers and foliage.

The arms are s-and c-scroll stylized leaves. The interior is all white. This elegant French faience urn can be used as a display piece or as a planter for flowers. 

CONDITION: Very good. Small slash of yellow, minor rubs and nicks to bottom of feet.

H=14 7/8, W=22, D=15
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