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Code 1119-8
Late 19th Century French Terra Cotta Statue of Putti Teasing a Bird Dog

This wonderful terra cotta statue depicts two Bacchanalian putti with their hunting dog. One of the putto is shown seated, holding a game call in one hand and the dog in the other, while the other putto sits above and holds a duck or game bird above the dog. To the right on the ground, are a rabbit and a hen. The statue rests upon a conforming faux malachite base. Bacchanalian putti statues are always shown in a happy yet mischievous manner, and this is no exception! The statue was made in the middle to late 1800's and is signed Le Brun.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with minor chips and areas where patinated finish has flaked off.

H=22, W=17 1/4, D=10 1/4
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