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Code 1119-9
Antique Italian Carved Alabaster Bust of the Grand Princess of Tuscany, Circa 1890

This masterfully carved antique alabaster bust was made in Italy toward the end of the 1800s. Her name plate is carved "VIOLANTES BEATRICE", who was the Duchess of Bavaria and later, the Grand Princess of Tuscany.  From the top of her hat to the base of the statue, there are many exquisite details to observe.  Her hat has borders with beautiful motifs, and, the material of her dress, in particular, is shown in multiple patterns of low relief carvings. She wears a highly carved pendant necklace, which rests just above the aforementioned name plate. Beneath her name, is the latin phrase "MAG ETRVRIAE PRINC".

The sculptor of this bust was Aristride Petrilli (1868-1930), a Florentine master of carving. He had his own studio, where he specialized in marbles and alabasters of historical figures. He exhibited at the Societes des Artistes Francais in 1896 as well as the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900. He has signed it on the lower back area: Prof A. Petrilli of Firenze. This stunning bust is full of intricately carved motifs, and it has a soft coloration that is accented by remnants of gold paint throughout. It will be the focus of any surface it is placed upon.

CONDITION: Good condition with small nicks and rubs (mostly around base), some surface buildup, and traces of old gold color.

H=24, L=23, D=12 3/8
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