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Code 917-44
Beautiful 18th Century Iron Sign or Lantern Holder from France

This is a magnificent antique French iron store sign holder or lantern holder from the 1700’s. There is a circular iron piece at the end of the top rod from which a sign or lantern would have hung. The main iron support is a vertical, wall mounted flat piece with the fleur-de-lis at the top and bottom. The rest of the structure is comprised of a long, angled S scroll and delicate curling foliate motifs. The design of this antique sign holder is very elegant and uncommon. Starting in the 1500s, large visual signs such as this were used before a numeric street address system was implemented. Some were more elaborate than others, such as this one. Today, this wonderful piece could still be used once again as a sign/lantern holder or simply a unique decorative iron piece for any area in the home.

CONDITION: Very good with rusting to iron and one small missing motif at the top (hardly noticeable)

H=48 1/4, W=8, D=31 1/4
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