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Code 318-8
Antique French Pewter Art Nouveau Vase by Auguste Moreau

Auguste Moreau, the youngest of three sons, was born in 1834 into a family of great artists.  Studying under his father, Jean- Baptiste Moreau, a sculptor and painter of some renown, and also Aime Millet, he went on to become famous for his figural and realistic sculptures. This wonderful vase, one of the few done in pewter, has a shallow bottom going down only 5-1/4” from the top. The subject matter depicts a young man with a fishing net full of fish, fervently pulling it towards himself.  The net is minutely detailed as are the scales on the fish. It is signed Aug Moreau and there is a metal disc on the bottom stamped with a Crown over a 5 petal floret and LFRBG underlined beneath the floret.   

Perfect as a decorative object, this bright pewter vase by August Moreau will complement any surface beautifully.

CONDITION: Good condition with some surface glaze variations, old surface buildup.

H=15, W=9 1/2, D=9 1/8
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