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Code 409-3
Antique Two Piece Palissy Barbotine Urn by Emile Gambut, FRANCE
C. 1875

Ecole de Palissy: Specialist in Palissy Revival Movement (signed see photo)

Bernard Palissy, 1510-1590, the great Renaissance French potter, created a style of ceramic art that enjoyed widespread popularity in the sixteenth century, and was often imitated during his lifetime and for many years thereafter. Nearly 250 years after Palissy's death, Charles-Jean Avisseau, a middle-aged French ceramist, rediscovered the lost secrets of Palissy which energized a revivalist movement that would last until the beginning of the twentieth century, Coiled vipers, slinking lizards, scaly fish, and water flora amid a realistic pond setting—these characteristic Palissy images created in high-relief ceramics and painted as in nature can be found in many of the world's great museums.

Good antique condition, with some minor cracks and missing glaze (as seen in photos). Rubs to finish.

H=11 1/4, Bowl Diameter=12 1/4, Max Width=19 3/4
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