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Code 316-31H
Antique Painted Tile from Italy, 17th Century

This impressive and very thick majolica or maiolica tile is from Italy and has hand painted scenes known as istoriato wares (painted with stories). These scenes were painted on a white background in bright colors of blue, yellow, orange, green and brown.  They depicted mythological, religious, historical, and pastoral landscapes scenes. There is no signature present, but we believe they can be attributed to the workshops of Castelli.  From the mid 1600’s to the early 1800’s, the small town of Castelli was known to have several potteries, two of which became quite famous , the Grue and the Gentili families.

The most important indicator of a tiles age is it's thickness. The thicker tiles, such as this one, was done in the 1600’s.  Over time the tile making process evolved and became more efficient, so tiles became thinner. This beautiful Italian tile is still very solid and very much intact.

CONDITION: Good antique condition as seen in photos. Pitting to glazes, cracks, missing areas of scenes all commensurate with 17th century.

H=10 1/2, L=18 3/8, D=1 1/8
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