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Code 219-55
Antique Painted Winged Cherub Statue, 18th Century

This is a carved and painted wooden cherub statue from Italy. On the back, between the cherubs wings, is an eyelet for hanging. It was originally commissioned by and hung in a private chapel or church. It has been expertly carved as evidenced by proportions in the face, wings, and the undulating banner in the cherubs arms. On the banner, we see painted Roman numerals XXIX, XII, and the word "Aheluia". This is either a Biblical reference or a reference to the Medieval/Renaissance liturgical chant and prayer. The overall color of the piece is an antique cream with garnet letters. This beautiful antique statue can rest on its own on a table surface (as shown in photos). However, the attachment on the back is strong, and it can easily be hung on a wall.

 CONDITION:  Good condition with minor wear and cracking to finish.

H=20, W=17 1/2, D=11
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