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Code 319-53
Pair of 60 Inch Tall 17th Century Light Walnut Wood Candlesticks from France

These tall, light walnut wood candlesticks date to the mid to late 1600’s. They were likely commissioned as altar candlesticks for a French chapel. Their shape is narrow and elegant, but widens slightly as you go down to the bottom.  The motifs are from the period including stylized shells, acanthus leaves, C-and S-Scrolls, and various leaves, and more.  The very top platform has two cutaways defining flowers and scrolls. Absolutely beautiful on a large table or the floor, these impressive 5 foot tall 17th Century wooden candlesticks will be the focal point, wherever they are placed.

CONDITION:  Stripped at some point. Age separations, some losses of motifs, abrasions, and minor losses to wood, all commensurate with the age in the 1600's. Please see photos.

H=60 1/4, W=17 3/4, D=16
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