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Code 316-1
Antique Nevers Pitcher and Bowl from France, Circa 1885

This charming antique French faience pitcher with bowl for washing the hands, or in French, "Lave Main", comes from Nevers and dates to around 1885. French tin glazed earthenware was introduced from Italy to Nevers in 1565. The earliest authenticated piece of Nevers faience dates to 1589.

 This set has motifs of beautiful scrolling acanthus leaves, flowers, stylized birds, beads, and an animal face with wings in gold on a dark blue ground.  Highlights of avocado green and pale blue complete the color scheme. Both pieces are marked on their bottom sides, Nevers CZ. This beautiful antique French faience pitcher and bowl can be used anywhere as an exceptional accessory.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition; Old restoration to rim of bowl; minor pitting and glaze imperfections.

H=12 3/8, Basin Diameter=14 7/8
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