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Code 219-67C
Pair of 18th Century Nero Antico Marble Shell Basins from Italy

These small, stylized shells have been made from a rare Nero Antico Marble. It is a fine grained, black marble with white markings. This type of marble was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for the making of statues and sculptures, primarily from the first through third centuries. It was quarried in Greece and Tunisia.  Recently other areas have been identified.

These little shells were likely originally used for holding holy water in Catholic Churches. You can see how the backs were removed from the wall. Today they can be used as a poche vide for holding keys, soap dishes or simply decorative accessories.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with minor nicks and varying color to both

H=2 3/4, W=8 3/4, D=8 1/2
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