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Code 316-12
Antique French Statue of Neptune 'Creant Le Cheval'

This antique French statue of Neptune with Horse is after the famous French sculptor Emile Louis Picault (1833-1915). It is titled "Creant Le Cheval" (translated: Creating the Horse) with Neptune stamped above in the stylized waves. E. Picault is incised in the ground in the back area of the statue. This tall statue depicts Neptune holding a horse who is rearing. The background is a stylized wave cresting behind them, and there is a gilded dove to the left in a portion of the wave. The material is patinated spelter on dark green marble.

In Roman Mythology, Neptune was the Roman God of the Sea and Horses. He is also often pictured with fish and, on this statue, there are twin dolphins shown on his belt. He is often seen carrying a trident, as is the case here. There are two stories as to why Neptune created the horse. It is thought that he created the horse to win the heart of the Goddess Demeter. Another story is that Neptune was in competition against Athena for the naming rights of the ancient city of Cecropia. The competitor that produced the most useful gift to humanity would win. Neptune created the horse and Athena created the olive tree. She won the contest and the name of the city was changed to Athens. Base Dimensions: 14 1/2 wide, 12 1/8 deep

CONDITION: Very good antique condition with old surface grime. The statue is in two pieces (Neptune himself is "pegged" into the rest of the statue.) Old restoration. Small chip to bottom/back of marble..

H=37 1/4, Max Width=23 1/2, D=14
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