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Code 219-43
Pair of Carved Nenfro Stone Lions from Lazio Italy

Early 20th Century

The small lions have been hand carved from a volcanic stone called Nenfro. This material, relatively light weight, is usually found in Lazio Italy. The stone is not nearly as common as limestone, vicenza, or marble but it has been used as a medium for statues since antiquity. The Etruscans used it to carve the Winged Lion of Vulci, which resides in Le Louvre Museum in Paris.

These lions are resting on their stomachs upon rectangular bases, each with their tails to opposing sides.  They can be used as book holders or objets d’art anywhere the home.

CONDITION: Good condition. Minor abrasions and nicks.

H=6, L=11 3/4, D=4
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