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Code 219-75
Pair of Antique Italian Blue and White Vases, Naples, Circa 1890

From Naples, these beautifully hand painted majolica vases are full of symbolism. Cha ri tas is at the top center of both vases.  From Latin, it tranlsates as charity, but can also mean the ultimate perfection of the human spirit, glorifying and reflecting the nature of God.  One vase depicts cherubs, angels, three people, likely Joseph, Mary and Jesus.  The other vase has an angel crossing her arms in front of a woman seated on a bench. There is a dove in the sky emitting spiritual rays towards the two and surrounded by cherubs. The dove’s role as spirit messenger, maternal symbol and liaison is said to impart an inner peace. Both have cloud formations throughout the fronts of each scene. On the back of each vase is a hat with scrolling ties extending into fringe. This is known as a Galero, which is a hat worn by Cardinals. This is set over a stylized cartouche having a scene depicting a bird with a castle in the background. The bird is reaching up towards a scrolling banner with what appears to be Greek letters written on it.  Above this is a pictoral ribbon portraying animals. Each vase has scrolling snake handles ending in mascarons on each side.

It is not common to find pairs of antique blue and white vases like these. This bright blue and white coloration will make them a wonderful focal point anywhere they're placed.

CONDITION:  Good overall antique condition with old restorations, losses to some motifs, surface build up, and minor chips. Please inspect photos.

H=15 3/4, W=12 3/8, D=9
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