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Code 917-2A
Small 19th Century Marble Mortar and Pestle from France

This small marble mortar and wooden pestle is from France and dates to the 19th Century. It is made from a dark grey marble and has four out-turned motifs, one of which has an indented carved slot for easy pouring.  The wooden pestle has a flat bottom.

 In France, these were used in the kitchens of grand chateaux.  They were also used in apothecaries by pharmacists to crush the herbs into powder for medicinal purposes. Often made of wood, stone, marble or anything hard enough to withstand the pestle’s grinding, their basic design has remained the same.

 CONDITION: Minor scratches to the outside with some vein losses. The interior’s condition  is commensurate with heavy use of the pestle. The wooden pestle has cracks.

H=5, 7.25 x 7.25
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