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Code 219-1
Miniature Antique Leather Covered Chaise a Porteur, France Circa 1890

This Chaise a Porteur, or Sedan Chair is a miniaturized version of full scale models typically used in the 16th to 18th centuries. Urban homes and Chateaux of nobility often had these placed in entry halls of their beautiful homes. They were a way for well heeled individuals to travel short distances while avoiding the muck and mud of unpaved streets.

This miniaturized Chaise is shaped wood, as those created in the early 1700s. It is covered in leather with intricate gilded patterns and gilded Fleur De Lys, the emblem of France, and French Royalty. The latched front door opens to reveal two glass shelves for displaying small objets de vertu.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with rubs and wear to leather. Glass door panel has slight gap between door frame.

H=11 1/8, 10 x 7 inches
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