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Code 918-20
Pair of Antique Meissen Candelabras, Germany Circa 1910

This elegant pair of colorful German Meissen, seven-arm candelabras dates to the early 1900s.  The gros relief intricacy and thinness of the porcelain flower heads, leaves and fruit is absolutely astounding. There are flat paintings of ladybugs, butterflies, and various flowers on parts of the candelabras. Gilded  highlighting is on most of the edges.  Three musical putti are adorn the base of the candelabras playing flutes, mandolins and violins. Meissen is known for its extremely fine work with Porcelain and these are no exception.

CONDITION: Good overall antique condition with minor remnants of candle wax, small losses to tips of some floral motifs and instruments. 

H=22 1/2, W=11 1/2, D=11 1/2
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