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Code 915-12
Large Antique Bronze Hunting Dog Statue, C. Masson

This antique French Patinated bronze of a pointer is by Clovis Edmond Masson (1838 – 1913). Masson was a pupil of the famous French animal bronzier, Antoine-Louis Barye. He exhibited in the Paris Salon (Salon des Beaux Arts) in 1867 – 1881. More than 50 pieces of sculpture were exhibited by Masson thru 1909. Examples of his sculptures can be found in the Municipal Museum in Nimes. Inscribed: C. Masson; Salon des Beaux Arts; Vrai Bronze on a small oval curved brass plate.

CONDITION: Excellent

H=11 1/8, L=22 1/2, D=6 1/2
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