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Code 417-33
Exceptional 19th Century Gilded Bronze Statue of Marie of Burgundy, Jean Auguste Barre 1811-1896

This stunning 19th Century gilt bronze statuette is of Marie de Bourgogne or Mary of Burgundy.  She was the 15th Century princess and wife of Maximillian I of Hapsburg of Austria. She is seen here riding her horse on a falcon hunt, which was one of her favorite pastimes. The well-known 19th century sculptor Jean-Auguste Barre originally sculpted this in 1831. He was inspired by recently published histories of The Dukes of Burgundy, and in particular this tragic story of Marie of Burgundy. This would have been the last falcon hunt for this beautiful young Princess. Barre chose the moments before she experienced her fatal horse accident. As she holds and admires her falcon, she leans slightly forward to counter the first move of the shifting horse. She is not yet concerned, but the horses ears are twisting, head turned, and beginning to rear up. Her page is on one leg trying to restrain the horse. Barre meticulously detailed every aspect of this sculpture. All of the clothing, from the shoes and feathered hat of the page, to the damask dress and crown of Marie, is accurate of her medieval period. The horse harness is decorated with encrusted jewels, while the saddle bears the combined Coat of Arms of both the Burgundy's and Hapsburgs.

This bronze is signed, Barre, with no other foundry mark visible. The beautiful gilded bronze or bronze dore color is unusual for this statue, and it is very similar to Mary of Burgundy's 1502 bronze tomb effigy in Bruges, Belgium. Incredibly well detailed, and in perfect proportion, the magnificent bronze will be a continual source of visual enjoyment.

CONDITION:  Very good overall condition with an old restoration to hawk. Small lines at tail and torso, etc. are joined sections, not cracks.

H=19 1/2, W=17, D=8 3/4
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