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Code 319-106
18th Century Limewood Statue of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, Circa 1730

This beautifully hand carved, European limewood statue is of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. The statue has incredible details, including his face, ears and in the many folds of his robe. The back is hollowed out and marked with black lettering of E S B and 47. The backs of wooden statues were hollowed out to prevent later cracking of the wood. By removing the center or heartwood section, splits are greatly minimized. He is posed in a position looking off to his right with right arm and hand at his chest.  His left arm and hand are open. 

Aloysius de Gonzaga, born March 9, 1568, was the eldest of seven children.  Born at his family’s castle, the House of Gonzaga, in northern Italy, he was the son of Ferrante de Gonzaga, Marquis of Castiglione and Marta Tana de Santena, daughter of a baron of the Piedmontese Della Rovere family. Aloysius was noted for his asceticism and quickly volunteered to care for the sick and dying at a Jesuit hospital when plague broke out in Rome. Shortly before his ordination, he contracted the disease himself and died at age 23. He was canonized in 1726.

Limewood is hardwood which makes it far more difficult to carve than pine. However, this makes it more durable and allows for greater detail.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with some old restoration, age splits, minor losses.

H=56, W=23 1/2, D=12 1/2
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