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Code 518-16
A Large Painted Italian Majolica Urn Circa 1885

From Italy, this large, hand painted Majolica urn dates to the late 1800’s. At the top are two putti seated upon the lid and two more putti lying upon their stomachs on the curled acanthus leaf handles.  Two detailed scenes in cartouches have been hand painted on either side of this stunning urn: one side depicts a group of men and their camels negotiating or discussing something, while the other side depicts workers at a shoreline taking a well-deserved nap. Another worker is in the background on a horse drawn cart. Three stylized dolphins support the entire urn along the base area.

Tall, bright, and colorful, this majolica urn from Italy will be the focal point of any surface it is placed upon.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with some previous restorations, urn leans very slightly to one direction (back to front, not side to side), minor nicks to some edges of leaves. 

H=36 1/4, W=20 1/2, D=15
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