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Code 917-48
Late 1800s Large French Gros Relief Barbotine Cachepot

This beautiful antique French gros relief barbotine cachepot has unusually large flowers, leaves, and buds. The ground color is a greenish/black that fades to a mottled greyish/white at the bottom.  Barbotine is the French version of Maiolica and was extremely popular during the mid to late 1800’s. The thin petals and leaves were difficult to produce and were very fragile. Stunning to view, this French gros relief barbotine cachepot will be the focal point of any surface it is placed upon.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with old restorations, minor nicks and glaze imperfections. Some old cracks on bottom as seen in photos, but structurally sound.

H=13 3/8, W=20 1/4, D=19
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