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Code 618-11
Large Antique French Patinated Bronze of Hunting Hounds, 19th Century

This large antique French bronze depicts a female and male hound on a foliate ground sniffing out a rabbit who is hiding from them against a ledge. The male appears to be is digging into the ground closest to the ledge, perhaps thinking the rabbit is underground. So as not to become separated from eachother, they are held together by a small chain attached to the ring at the top of each collar. This bronze is signed P. J. Mene, likely cast from an earlier sculpture. This large and wonderful bronze will be a fabulous focal point in any room of the home.

Pierre Jules Mene, 1810 – 1879 was the most prolific sculptor of animalier bronzes during his time. He sculpted mainly dogs, horses, cows, bulls, sheep and goats which were in high demand during the Second Empire. He produced mainly small bronzes for the bourgeois class. His quality of work ranked as one of the highest during this period. He was also considered to have been the lost-wax casting expert of his time.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor rubs, scratches, old surface buildup.

H=15 1/4, L=38 (to tip of tail), D=17 1/2
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