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Code 316-43
A Large Antique Lafond Gien in Gros Relief, Circa 1880

This spectacular rare and large round barbotine urn was produced by Felix Lafond at Gien, marked on the bottom.  Barbotine is tin glazed earthenware and is the French version of Majolica.  It is a fine ceramic made from a clay slip which can be worked to an incredibly realistic form. Many difficult processes take place before the final piece is complete.  Large flowers in all states of bloom can be realistically displayed, such as the roses on this piece made at Gien.  The grey mottled ground color is also rare.  There were only a handful of ateliers in France that were able to accomplish this.

CONDITION: Very good. Old restorations to glaze
Max Height=12 5/8, 20 1/2 x 20 1/2
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