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Code 916-56
19th Century Blue White Vase from Italy

Savona pottery is famous above all for its characteristic blue and white colors, known as "Antique Savona". Savona, Italy is an area which has a long history in the field of ceramics and majolica production. This particular urn is scenic on one side with motifs on the other side.  The scenic side is depicting a gathering of people with baskets at what appears to be a watering hole. A bull stands in waiting amongst them. An Italian farmhouse sits atop mountains which are in the background.  The neck on this side of the urn bears the letters LIIDVAT with P.C. beneath it in a circle. The base has a thick border of X’s with dots.  The other side has a framed horse standing in a pasture at its center. C-scrolls of leaves surround this with a mark beneath. There is much symbolism throughout all of this.  The neck on this side of the urn bears the lighthouse mark of the Levantino family with 1751 beneath it. However, this is most likely a 19th century example.  Between the two sides are double curling snake handles with mascarons in between. At the top is a decorated dome shaped lid with a finial.

This antique Savona urn with it's bright blue and white colors will be an asset anywhere it is placed.

CONDITION: Good condition with some old restorations. There are minor losses and chips. Please see photos

H=22, W=15 1/2, D=10 1/2
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