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Code 118-3
Antique Majolica Urn from Italy, 19th Century

From Italy, this stunning antique majolica urn depicts a mythological scene on one side and a large workshop marking and date on the other. The mythological scene depicts a young man in a chariot that is being pulled by two maidens in stylized clouds. Above this is a cartouche with cypress trees in one half and chevrons in the other half. The colors are in pales blues, medium blues, pale yellows, greens and greys, all on a cream ground. Separating the front and back sides are double twining snakes for handles. This is often seen in Savona majolica. Beneath this are mascarons with three solid blue lines going all the way down to the base. This beautiful majolica urn from Italy dates to the 19th Century.

CONDITION: Minor chips and losses of color.

H=15 1/4, W=13 1/8, D=11
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