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Code 319-43
Pair of Large Carved and Polychrome Candlesticks from Italy

This stunning pair of carved, polychrome, Italian candlesticks has been adorned with unusual and beautiful motifs. They have an overall urn shape with a narrow neck and narrow pedestal base on a platform. The top has rusted metal leaves surrounding the hole for the pricket.  Beneath this are tied C-Scrolls on either side ending in flower heads with completely draped petals. Holding the petals are stems, which are set apart from the body, having individually curved leaves going down to the pedestal. There are raised geometric and curved motifs surrounding the larger portion of each candlestick. The candlesticks rest upon a round molding which is atop a larger, shaped and canted square base.

These Italian candlesticks will enhance any area they are placed.  They could also be made into lamps.

CONDITION: Good condition with some minor abrasions to polychrome paint throughout both candlesticks.

H=33 5/8, W=14 1/2, D=12 3/4
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